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Schools CPR Lifesaver Project

East Neuk First Responders are currently rolling out our Schools CPR & Defibrillator Lifesaver programme to all primary schools in the East Neuk.

Firstly we visit schools and deliver lifesaving CPR & Defib training to the children, and they then take home a CPR kit to train family members and friends to be Lifesavers too!

The children receive a certificate saying they have been trained, and another saying how many people they have passed on their new lifesaving skills to.

See below to find out more about the schools we've visited so far!!!



Kirkton of Largo Primary School

We visited Kirkton of Largo Primary School, and trained 19 P5-P7 pupils in vital lifesaving CPR and Defib Skills.

These pupils then took away our CPR Kits to train their family, friends and neighbours in these lifesaving skills.

These 19 pupils trained an additional 66 lifesavers in the area!

Colinsburgh Primary School

We recently visited Colinsburgh Primary School!

23 pupils at Colinsburgh Primary School took part in our Schools CPR Lifesaver programme, learning essential CPR and Defib Skills.

These 23 pupils trained an additional 79 people in these lifesaving skills. That makes another 102 people trained in these vital skills in the area!!!

Crail Primary School

Members of East Neuk First Responders visited Crail Primary School to run another Schools CPR Lifesaver session.

24 pupils at Crail Primary School took part in learning CPR and Defib skills.

Thats another 24 lifesavers in our community!

Anstruther Primary School

We ran a session for 38 P6 pupils at Anstruther Primary School. These 38 pupils learned vital lifesaving skills.

With the CPR kits provided, these 38 pupils went home and trained an additional 105 lifesavers!

This makes another 143 lifesavers in our community. Excellent work all!

We also met Nicola from Fife Council, Projects Officer, who was keen to learn about the work we do in the community. Well done to everyone involved.

Lundin Mill Primary School

When we visited Lundin Mill Primary School, 36 pupils took park in the Schools CPR and Lifesaver Scheme.

With the CPR kits we provided, they then went home to help train more people in our community,

They trained an additional 122 people at home in these vital skills! Well done everyone!!

St Monans Primary School

Our volunteers trained 19 pupils in essential Lifesaving and Defib Skills.

These 19 pupils then trained a further 52 people at home, using their CPR Kits!

That makes another 71 Lifesavers in the community!

Pittenweem Primary School

At Pittenweem Primary School, we trained 21 P6/7 pupils in lifesaving skills.

They passed these skills they learned on to anouther 81 people at home! That makes another 102 people in the East Neuk with knowledge of essential lifesaving skills!

St Agatha's RC Primary School

Some of our volunteers ran a Schools CPR Lifesaver session at St Agatha's Primary School in Leven.

36 pupils took part to become lifesavers, learing CPR and Defib skills.

They have now taken away our CPR Kits to teach more family, friends and neighbours to become lifesavers too!

Kingsbarns Primary School

17 pupils at Kingsbarns Primary School took part in our Lifesaver CPR and Defib training! Excellent group who have now learnt these vital skills.

Kirkton of Largo lifesaver session
Colinsburgh lifesaver session
Crail lifesaver session
Anstruther schools lifesaver
Lundin mill schools lifesaver
St Monans schools lifesaver
Pittenweem lifesaver session
St Agatha's School Lifesaver
Kingsbarns PS
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