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10 Year Anniversary Cycle Ride

Cyclists take part in our cycle ride to raise funds for ENFR

News posted: 21-Jun-2019

Cyclists braved the weather, and the 37.4 miles route, to take part in our 10 year anniversary cycle ride. We are pleased to say that everyone successfully finished the race and all did fantastically! Thank you to everyone who took part!

Pittenweem Gymkhana raise funds for ENFR

News posted: 30-May-2019

Pittenweem Gymkhana have generously donated £300.00 to East Neuk First Responders! A huge thank you for their continued support!


East Neuk Business funds Lifesaving Equipment

Metaflake Ltd. Anstruther has funded the installation of a Life Saving Public Access Defibrillator on the outside of their premises

News posted: 27-Jan-2019

Metaflake Ltd. Anstruther has funded the installation of a Life Saving Public Access Defibrillator on the outside of their premises in Station Road, Anstruther. Tracy Knox one of the company’s Directors said yesterday “it has been fantastic to have been able to work with East Neuk First Responders and support this installation for a busy trading area in Anstruther. It is now available should our staff require it but is also available 24/7 to anyone in the surrounding area.” Gillian Duncan co-ordinator of East Neuk First Responders added “every second counts when someone is in cardiac arrest, the quicker a shock from a defibrillator can be delivered the better the chance of survival. Around 70 people in Scotland have an out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest every week currently less than 10% survive. These Public Access Defibrillators along with bystander CPR can help change these statistics and bring us closer to other European countries which have had survival rates of over 50% for a number of years.”

Scotland's first Solar Defib Superbin

East Neuk First Responders assist in placing innovative piece of equipment at Lundin Ladies Golf Club

News posted: 31-Dec-2018

East Neuk First Responder are delighted to have been able to assist in the placing of Scotland's first Solar Defib Superbin. This solar superbin, from inventor and manufacturer Ian Lilley, has allowed the defib to be sited at the clubs highest and furthest away point.

Lundin Ladies Golf Club have said "LLGC were delighted to receive an unusual addition to their equipment this week - a solar powered charging unit for our defibrillator. The Club, like most golf club’s around the country, have had a defib for a number of years, but have had concerns about the difficulties of accessing it from the remote parts of the course...Captain Frances McIntosh is delighted to offer the safety and re-assurance of this facility to our members and visitors."


restart a heart

East Neuk First Responders release video for World Restart a Heart Day

Working with local businesses to produce a video that's a bit of fun with a serious message

News posted: 26-Oct-2018

For World Restart a Heart Day 2018, we produced our own version of Carol Smillie's "500 miles". With the help of local businesses, we were able to produce this humorous video with a serious message.

View the video on our facebook page, or on our website here

Restarting Hearts in St Andrews

Free CPR sessions held in St Andrews for World Restart a Heart Day

News posted: 23-Oct-2018

East Neuk First Responders were pleased to work with the University of St Andrews School of Medicine and Operation Heart Start to run free 15 minute sessions on CPR and Defibrillator use. These were held on World Restart a Heart Day 2018 for members of the University as well as the public in St Andrews.


Pittenweem PAD

Village Bowled Over by Donation

Local Businessman funds Public Access Defibrillator at Pittenweem Bowling and Tennis Clubs

News posted: 16-Jul-2018

Pittenweem Bowling and Tennis clubs were delighted to have a lifesaving Public Access Defibrillator installed at their club last week. The funds for the equipment were donated by local businessman Jamie Morris. He said yesterday “I am delighted to have been able to donate this vital lifesaving equipment although I hope it is never needed!” Gillian Duncan from East Neuk First Responders who have organised the installation said “every second counts when someone suffers a cardiac arrest, the quicker a shock from a defibrillator can be delivered the better the chance of survival. This defibrillator is now available 24/7 to those using the Bowling Green and Tennis Courts but also anyone in the surrounding area.

East Neuk Dook Cheque Presentation

Two of our team receiving the cheque for the funds raised at the East Neuk Dook

News posted: 12-May-2018

Having been the charity chosen for the funds raised at the East Neuk Dook, today saw the presentation of the cheque from Fiona Corps.

With an additional £80.00 cheque added to the total, the amount raised is an amazing £5842.70! This will go to our work within the East Neuk of Fife.

We'd like to thank all those involved for their bravery, genorosity and support.

Cheque presentation

GoodSAM Boathouse

Lunchtime Lifesaver Launch

The Anstruther Boathouse team up for the launch of our Lunchtime Lifesaver project

News posted: 23-Apr-2018

We launched our new Lunchtime Lifesaver project, teaming up with the Anstruther Boathouse. We worked with staff members to raise awareness of the GoodSAM alerter app, and ran a 15 minute lifesaver session, teaching CPR and Defib skills. We are continuing to run more sessions with other businesses, increasing the number of CPR ready members in the East Neuk community!

Biker Fife in Anstruther

A free 3 hour course, covering Scene Management, Emergency First Aid and Staying Safe on your Motorbike

News posted: 26-Mar-2018

On Sunday 25th March we teamed up with our colleagues at Police Scotland and Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, to assist in the three hour Biker Fife training course. 17 bikers attended the course held at the Anstruther Lifeboat Station, and learned skills such as Emergency First Aid (including helmet removal) and scene management. Fantastic input by all involved!

Biker Fife march 18

Elie sailing club

Elie and Earlsferry Sailing Club session

Members of Elie and Earlsferry Sailing club take park in a CPR and PAD awareness session

News posted: 10-Feb-2018

On Thursday, 14 members of Elie and Earlsferry Sailing Club took part in a CPR and Public Access Defib awareness session. They are now more prepared to save lives on land and at sea. Great work by all involved

ENFR chosen charity for the East Neuk Dook

Brave locals dive into Anstruther Harbour to raise money for East Neuk First Responders

News posted: 10-Feb-2018

Each year locals dive into Anstruther Harbour to raise money for charity, in an event called the East Neuk Dook. This year, East Neuk First Responders were the chosen charity.

Originally supposed to happen on Hogmanay, bad weather caused the event to be postponed. When the day came, locals turned out to show tremendous support to all those jumping. This group of brave souls raised over £5500 for the charity.

We are extremely grateful to all the "dookers" who took part this year, and for the community as a whole for supporting us and helping raise funds for ENFR.

Joint exercise with Anstruther Lifeboat

ENFR team up with Ansturther Lifeboat crew, for a joint training exercise

News posted: 10-Dec-2017

Ahead of the East Neuk Dook, members of East Neuk First Responders undertook a joint training exercise with our colleagues in the Anstruther Lifeboat. This was a brilliant example of excellent team work and a very beneficial training exercise for the team

NHS Patient Heart Start

A CPR and Defib awareness session at NHS Fife's Heart patient participation group

News posted: 7-Nov-2017

We recently ran a CPR and Defib awareness session at NHS Fife's Heart Participation group

Leven Ladies Church Group

Leven Library Public Access Defib training with Leven Ladies Church Group

News posted: 7-Nov-2017

Gillian recently visited Leven Library to run a training session in the use of Public Access Defibrillators, with Leven Ladies Church Group.

Teddy CPR at Family Learning Roadshow

A teddy CPR session at Erskine Hall, Anstruther

News posted: 25-Oct-2017

Brilliant Teddy CPR at the Family Learning Roadshow, Erskine Hall Anstruther today! Fantastic work folks, Pudsey and Mickey survived and Dylan won the Dodgeball

Family learning Roadshow 01

Golf Ball Donation

Young Lifesaving Fundraisers

Poppy Glover, 12, and her sister Isla, 10, help raise money for local lifesaving charity, East Neuk First Repsonders

News posted: 29-Aug-2017

Poppy Glover aged 12 and her sister Isla 10 moved to Crail in February this year and quickly came up with an idea to raise money for local lifesaving charity East Neuk First Responders. The girls have a school friend and relation who have a heart condition and after a school visit from the group to deliver defibrillator training they set about raising funds.

Living next to the Crail Golf Course they came up with the idea of collecting and selling lost golf balls. Setting up the stall at the bottom of the garden nearly every day since March with a sign for passing golfers, the girls have raised over £150.

Emma Gilmour from the charity’s management committee said yesterday “this is an amazing story the girls have done an incredible job and deserve a very big thank you. These donations are vital to allow us to continue the lifesaving work we do in the community.”

Poppy and Isla’s mum Sarah added “the girls have really enjoyed fundraising, We are very proud of them.”

Events Cover 2017

ENFR provide First Aid cover and assistance at events

News posted: 8-Aug-2017

Some of the events ENFR have provided first aid cover for so far this summer; the Harbour festival in Anstruther, Crail Food Festival, Lundin Links Big Picnic. We also assisted with The Biker Fife event, where we work with our colleagues from the Fire Service and Police, and deliver the First Aid training element.

summer events 2017


East Neuk First Responders and GoodSAM

ENFR and GoodSAM begin partnership

News posted: 1-Jun-2017

ENFR has started partnering with GoodSAM - a global community of first aid trained Responders, willing to assist during life threatening emergencies.

'Bikerdown' in Anstruther

Bikers attend a course organised by the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

News posted: 25-Apr-2017

22 Bikers attended a course held at Anstruther Lifeboat Station, organised by the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service. East Neuk First Responders delivered the First Aid module, Fire Service delivered Scene safety and Police Scotland delivered the drive to be seen section.


Coop presentation

East Neuk First Responders receive cheque from the Anstruther Co-op

ENFR receives a cheque for £4616.00 from the Anstruther Co-op

News posted: 20-Apr-2017

East Neuk First Responders were one of three local charities of Anstruther Coop for 2016 as part of the Coop Community Project


At a recent presentation East Neuk First Responders were given a cheque for £4616; thanks to everyone who supported by using their Coop Membership cards!

Defibrillator for Broomlee Centre

Broomlee Centre, Lothian, has defib donated

News posted: 6-Apr-2017

We are really excited to have donated a defibrillator to Broomlea Centre, Lothian yesterday. All East Neuk Primary Schools visit the centre for one week each year. This year one of the pupils who will be attending has a heart condition, long QT, which can potentially lead to a life - threatening heart arrhythmia.

Broomlee 01

new vehicle 2

A new vehicle for ENFR

After a generous donation from the Helen Main Trust, East Neuk First Responders take possession of a new vehicle

News posted: 1-Aug-2016

East Neuk First Responders recently took possession of a new vehicle to replace their old and increasingly unreliable vehicle.

The purchase of the vehicle was made possible by generous donations from the Helen Main Trust, local community groups and businesses and individuals.

East Neuk Campervans supplied and fitted the decals

Awareness Session with Stagecoach

Stagecoach staff receive CPR and PAD awareness training

News posted: 13-Jul-2016

East Neuk First Responders and other groups from Saline and Ladybank are engaged in training Stagecoach bus drivers in Fife in CPR and PAD awareness. It is hoped that this Fife initiative will eventually extend throughout Scotland to all Stagecoach staff

	stagecoach 1

Anstruther film shoot

Scottish Cardiac Arrest Symposium film

Film shown at Scottish Cardiac Arrest Symposium to promote and encourage community involvement in resuscitation

News posted: 12-Jul-2016

The film was shown at the Scottish Cardiac Arrest Symposium. It is to promote and encourage community involvement in resuscitation, in particular Community First Responders, and demonstrates that the chain of survival does work!

Brian Clarke suffered a cardiac arrest in his car after leaving the gym on February 15th 2016; a bystander phoned 999 and sent someone into the gym to get the defibrillator.

The bystander carried out CPR and gym owner Stuart Barton, assisted by another bystander Duncan Small, applied the defibrillator and delivered one shock.

When First Responder Gillian Duncan arrived Brian was barely breathing and had an obstructed airway; she cleared the airway and assisted him with his breathing until the ambulance crew arrived.

Ian Wilson, a paramedic at St Andrews Station and his colleagues carried out further advanced care before transporting Brian to Ninewells hospital.

Although initially in intensive care and very critically ill, Brian is now fighting fit and back in the gym. All demonstrating the chain of survival, 999, CPR, Public Access Defibrillators, advanced care, WORKS!

The picture shows Brian, his wife Fiona, Stuart Barton, Gillian Duncan and Ian Wilson

The film can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/172116743

Successful use of a PAD in Crail

Emma Scott, from Crail, uses CPR skills and a Public Access Defibrillator, successfully, to start her Mum's heart beating normally again, after suffering a Cardiac Arrest at home

News posted: 26-May-2016

When Emma Scott’s mother collapsed in cardiac arrest at home in Crail, after calling the ambulance she wasted no time in sending her dad to get the Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) whilst she started chest compressions. Mr Scott knocked on neighbour Martin Paterson’s door for help who then went to Emma’s assistance with the defibrillator. Emma delivered one shock and her mum’s heart started beating normally again before the arrival of the ambulance.

East Neuk First Responders were delighted when they received a phone call from Emma telling them she had used one of their Public Access Defibrillators and successfully resuscitated her mother. Gillian Duncan, Chairperson of the group said yesterday “ we were very pleased to hear Emma’s news, there is no doubt that her prompt actions and the availability of a defibrillator saved Mrs Scott’s life” “when someone is in cardiac arrest every second counts, the quicker a shock from a defibrillator can be delivered the better the chance of survival, with up to 10% of that chance lost with every minute the shock is delayed” she went on to say.

Emma and her neighbour did a brilliant job and we hope that their success will encourage others to take a PAD and use it if the need arises, they are safe and simple to use with no training required.

We are delighted that Mrs Scott is doing so well and wish her all the best for the future.

East Neuk First Responders now manage over 40 PADs in the East Neuk, their success due largely to the fantastic support they receive from the community. They are now working with groups from all over Scotland who wish to install similar lifesaving machines.

Mrs Scott 1 (small)

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