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Using Public Access Defibrillators (PADs)

First; Check response

Pad use 1

Next; Call 999

Pad use 1a

Next; Go to cabinet (which is unlocked but alarmed) for the defibrillator

Pad use 2

Next; Take defibrillator to patient

Pad use 3

Continue chest compressions whilst applying defibrillator

Pad use 4

Next; Press the 'Green On' button

Pad use 5

Next; Expose bare chest

Pad use 6

Next; Pull green tab

Pad use 7

Next; Pull out PAD tray

Pad use 8

Next; Open sealed PAD pack

Pad use 10

Peel pads from liner

Pad use 11

Apply pads as shown in picture

Pad use 13

Listen carefully and follow instructions

Pad use 14

In rear defibrillator pocket

Pad use 15





Pocket mask

Spare pad pak

Report Use instructions

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